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Make Your Own..... Pine Cone Bird Feeder

by Eco Kids Planet 13 February, 2018

Make Your Own..... Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This fun and simple activity will create a delicious treat to help attract birds to your garden! You can even venture out on a pine cone adventure hunt to collect your resources!

What you need:


- Medium or large pine cone
- String
- Peanut butter
- Bird seed (we recommend, for example)
- Knife (to be used with help from an adult  

Step 1:

Cut your string to the size needed and tie this around the top of your pine cone. Make sure it’s secured nice and tight.

Step 2:

Here’s where it gets fun and messy! With adult supervision, use a knife to spread the peanut butter ALL over your pine cone. You want it completely covered! Make sure you really get into those nooks and crannies! Sticky!

Step 3:

Tip some of your bird seed on to a plate or bowl. Roll your peanut-buttery pine cone around in the seeds, letting them stick to it. This may take a few rolls! Pat down the seeds with your fingertips to make sure they’re properly stuck on.

Step 4:

Hang out your bird feeder! Don’t forget to regularly check on it to see whether any local feathery friends are popping by for a snack!





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