Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 37 - Peru, The Headwaters of the Amazon

Peru, the Headwaters of the Amazon

Have you heard about a legendary boiling river deep in the Amazon? If small mammals fall in, their muscles cook on their bones! Boil-ieve it or not, it really does exist!

Meet the Amazon's oddest bird... Some people call it a 'flying cow' or a 'dinosaur bird', but it's really a hoatzin! Trek to what is possibly the most famous (and mysterious) ruin in the world – the ancient city of Machu Picchu. It's positively packed with wildlife! No wonder it was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 

Enjoy a Peruvian folktale and make an adorable anteater in celebration of World Anteater Day on 29th November.

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    • Peru and the Headwaters of the Amazon – Discover the Peruvian Amazon!
    • Amy's Journey to Machu Picchu – Mysterious 'kingdom in the clouds'!
    • Interview with a Hoatzin – The Amazon's oddest bird
    • The Amazon's Boiling River – Amy investigates
    • Mysterious Spirals – Simon investigates
    • Sacred Animals of the Incas – The Inca Empire and its beliefs
    • Morning Star and the Long-Legged Frog – A folktale from Peru
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • Competition Planet – Enjoy this month’s competitions
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Eco Kids Planet Calendar – November
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Polar Bear Week Infographic

Type: Single issue

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