Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 40 - The Japanese Archipelago

This issue is all about Japan – the Land of the Rising Sun ! An issue sure to spark your imagination! We’re talking GIGANTIC animals, explosive earthquakes, islands that have more animals than people! Discover the red-crowned crane – the snow ballerinas of the world and meet the real-life wildlife behind Pokémon.

Enjoy breathtaking posters, a DIY nature-project 🐦 and a 3D craft page.

*Click on the cover to browse sample pages*


    • Amazing Islands! – Discover the Japanese archipelago
    • Red-crowned Crane – Endangered creature feature
    • Japanese Giants – Charlie meets a giant salamander!
    • The Natural Wonders of Japan – Amy's explorer diary
    • Totally Real Pokémon – The real wildlife behind Pokémon
    • Shakin' All Over – The explosive geology of Japan
    • Pine Cone Bird Feeder – Enjoy this month's nature project
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • My Pokémon Fantasy – Enjoy this month’s competitions
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Paper Red Kite

Type: Single issue

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