Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 42 - Zoos

A hot topic, this issue is all about zoos!  Did you know that zoos have existed since the Aztecs? Find out about their long history, meet some famous animal escapees and get exclusive insight into life as a zookeeper! We’re celebrating some wildlife success stories where zoos have helped animals back from the brink of extinction. But should zoos exist at all? Or what should they look like in the future?

Make your own 3D blue macaw and meet Amelia the Fox 🦊 in our brand new comic strip! 

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    • Zoos: Past, Present and Future – From early menageries
      to modern safaris
    • A Letter from a Blue Macaw – Greetings from Blue!
    • Should Zoos Exist? – Eco Kids debate...
    • Przewalski’s Horse – The remarkable comeback
    • Zoo-tastic Success Stories – Zoos’ conservation efforts
    • Animal Enclosures – Amelia the Fox comic strip
    • Great Animal Escapes – Simon investigates
    • Charlie Meets a Flamingo – Interview with escape artist Number 492
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • Make Your Own Prickly Cookies – Let's get cooking
    • Egg-zotic Decorations – Enter this month's competition
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: DIY Blue-thoated macaw
    • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Three posters

Type: Single issue

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