Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 43 - The Mighty Mekong

Our May edition is all about the mighty Mekong! The diversity of living creatures of this majestic river is simply staggering. Meet the world's biggest freshwater giants, a shy saola, known as an Asian unicorn, a giant softshell turtle, cheeky-looking Irrawaddy dolphins, and more! The river is also home to the world's biggest underground cave and the lost civilisation of Angkor. And yet, the mighty Mekong is under great threat. Will it survive the construction of hundreds of dams? Thousands of different species and millions of local people depend on the health of this iconic ecosystem.

Make your own 3D white-shouldered ibis and enjoy beautiful posters.

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    • Meet the Mekong – The majestic river of Southeast Asia
    • A Letter from a Saola – Welcome to the Mekong
    • Giants of the Mekong River – Discover the two biggest freshwater fish in the world!
    • Irrawaddy Dolphins… and their struggle for survival
    • Charlie Meet a Giant Softshell Turtle – Turtley amazing interview!
    • The World's Biggest Cave and... the Mekong's Lost Civilization! – Amy investigates
    • The Nagas' Challenge – A folktale from the people of Laos
    • Dams of the Mekong – Eco Kids debate
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • How to Create a Paper Stingray – Enjoy this month's science project
    • My Mega-Amazing Mekong Animal – Enter this month's competition
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: DIY White-Shouldered Ibis
    • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Three posters

Type: Single issue

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