Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 55 - The Nile River

May 2019 edition: The Nile River

Welcome to the Nile – the river that helped create Egypt! Discover which animals were sacred to Ancient Egyptians and why. Which animal goddesses and gods did they worship? Meet the GIANT monsters that lurk in Nile's waters. Our readers can also learn how to make papyrus, build a Baobab tree and create their own Egyptian collar.


  • A Letter from a Sacred Ibis – Welcome to the River Nile issue, Eco Kids!
  • The River Nile – Magnet for Life
  • Monsters of the Nile –  Simon investigates...
  • Charlie Meets a Nile Monitor Lizard... one of Africa's largest reptiles
  • Sacred Animals of Ancient Egypt – and their marvellous mummification!
  • The Nile Lechwe – Endangered Creature Feature
  • Magical Murchison Falls –  Amy's diary
  • Amelia the Fox comic – Papyrus
  • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • Ancient Egyptian Scarab Amulet – Enjoy this month's project
  • Nile Mythical Creature – Enter this month's competition
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Baobab Tree Papercraft
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Two posters

Type: Single issue