Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 47 - The Earth in the Universe

Ready, set... BLAST OFF! This month's issue is embarking on a cosmic adventure. We explore where Earth is in the universe and how the solar system came into existence. What would happen if the Sun died? Can we live on other planets? Just how dangerous is a black hole? And is there such thing as aliens? 

Find out the answers to these big mysteries and make your very own 3D sun️. Zoooom!

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    • A Letter from a Tardigrade – Ready, set... BLAST OFF!
    • Earth, the Universe & Everything – Where IS Earth?
    • The Sun – Amy investigates
    • Charlie's Report on Aliens – Are we alone in the cosmos?
    • Cosmic Quicksand! – The weird world of black holes
    • Taking Over Other Worlds! – Simon investigates
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • Sun Balloon Burst Experiment – Enjoy this month's science project
    • Recycled Rocket Craft – Enter this month's competition
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: DIY Paper Craft – 3D Sun
    • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Two posters

Type: Single issue

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