Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 35 - The Sumatran Jungle

The Eco Kids discover the Indonesian island of Sumatra, one of the planet’s most amazing places. It’s a land of exceptional natural beauty, with unspoiled tropical beaches – but it also suffers from deadly natural disasters! It has peaceful, sleepy lakes – but also boiling mud! It has one of the most diverse forests on Earth – but it’s also one of the most threatened!

Welcome to Sumatra, the land of extremes!

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    • Sumatra, Land of Extremes – Discover the dangers and beauty of this Indonesian island
    • The Animal Academy – Lessons with Sumatran tiger cubs and baby orang-utans
    • Interview with a Flying Fox Meet the world’s largest bat
    • The Price of Palm Oil – Amy's investigation report
    • Sumatra’s ‘Ape Man’ – Does the orang pendek exist?
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • A Cloud in Jar – Enjoy this month’s science experiment
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Eco Kids Planet Calendar – September
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: 2 Posters

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