Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 44 - The Deep Sea

The deep sea is a harsh environment - cloaked in cold darkness and faced with extreme pressure. Yet, many creatures have adapted to it perfectly, often in the weirdest of ways... How do they create their own light? What happens to a dead whale when it sinks to the bottom of the ocean? Who wins in an epic battle between a giant squid and a sperm whale? All to be revealed in our June issue!

Plus, make your own 3D jellyfish and conduct a water pressure experiment.

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    • Deep-Sea Habitats – Unique ecosystems in the dark depths
    • A Letter from a Dumbo Octopus – Welcome to the deep sea!
    • Adapting to an Alien World – Living in extreme conditions
    • The Weird World of Anglerfish – Charlie presents…
    • Giant Squid vs Sperm Whale – Amelia the Fox comic strip
    • Deep-Sea Sharks –There are some amazing monsters patrolling the deep…
    • Deep-Sea Exploration! –Simon investigates
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • Testing Water Pressure at Depth – Enjoy this month's science project
    • Deep Rhymes – Enter this month's competition
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: DIY Jellyfish
    • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Two posters

Type: Single issue

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