Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 59 - The Evolution of Life

September 2019 edition: The Evolution of Life

Go time-travelling with our September issue, 'The Evolution of Life'!

Ready to discover some of the weirdest creatures that EVER lived? We'll meet human-sized scorpions, ghostly sharks, the alien-looking opabinia, vegetarian crocs (yes, really!) and, of course, the platypus, an evolutionary oddball with the fur of an otter, bill of a duck, and the tail of a beaver!

But what does evolution mean? Why are there no more apes turning into humans? How did the dodo become extinct? And how will animals cope with climate change?

A brain-evolving issue, that's for sure!  


  • A Letter From a Giant Tortoise – Meet the rediscovered Galápagos giant
  • The Evolution of Life – Discover how life on Earth keeps changing
  • The Weirdest Creatures that Ever Lived! –  Simon investigates...
  • Charlie Meets a Dodo... in his sleep!
  • Climate Change – Which creatures are affected the most?
  • The Platypus, Evolutionary Oddball – Extraordinary Creature Feature 
  • The Five All-Time Top Mass Extinctions –  Amy's investigates
  • Formation of Earth – Amelia the Fox comic strip
  • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Games, puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossils – Enjoy this month's craft project
  • What will future humans look like – Enter this month's competition
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Polar Bear Poster
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Wildlife Newsletter

Type: Single issue