Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 63 – Wild Cats of the World

January 2020 edition: Wild Cats of the World

There are at least 38 species of wild cats – and their future is at risk everywhere. Some live in forests, some in deserts, some in cities, and some in the snow!

We’ll look at cats you’ve never heard of, from servals and flat-headed cats to a brand new species: Corsica’s cat fox. We’ll also look at Britain’s very own wildcat and... some big cats that secretly prowl the British countryside (or is it all a myth?)!

We'll explore wild cats 'superpowers'. Their hunting and swimming skills, amazing acrobatics, super-speeds, how they creep up on their prey with silent paws... We’ll show you just how amazing these creatures are!


  • A Letter from a Caracal – Helloooo-purrrrr, Eco Kids, and welcome to your new issue!
  • Wild About Wild Cats! – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fiercest of them all?
  • Iberian Lynx, The comeback Cat – Endangered Creature Feature
  • Charlie Meets... a Sand Cat – A cute little kitten or a fearless predator?
  • Cats’ Coats – Let’s camouflage!
  • Purr…fect Pelage Puzzle – Whose fur coat is that?
  • Cat Superpowers! – Amy investigates 
  • Mystery Big Cats! – Simon investigates!
  • Eurasian Lynx – Amelia the Fox comic strip
  • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Games, puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • Jungle Terrarium – Enjoy this month’s crafty project
  • Wild Cat Diversity Card – Enter this month's competition
  • Wildlife News – Rhona Reports!
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Amur Tiger Poster
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Small Wild Cats Poster

Type: Single issue