Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 67 – Creatures with Shells

May 2020: Creatures With Shells

The animals in this issue all have one thing in common: a very useful shell. (Don't you wish you had one sometimes?)

Watch out for some extraordinary snappy turtles, meet spectacular giant crabs and help to save the radiated tortoise of Madagascar! Discover some shelled sea-dwellers in the depths of the ocean and study tiny armoured bugs under your feet.

Plus, roving reporters Rhona and Rusty bring you the scoop on the latest wildlife news.

You can also take part in our Design a Shell competition or get your hands 'clean' with our fizzy eco bath bombs project!


  • A Letter from Eju – The giant African land snail
  • Shell-dwellers – Meet lots of different shell-tastic creatures!
  • Charlie Meets an Alligator Snapping Turtle! – ‘The dinosaur of the turtle world’
  • Radiated Tortoise – The star of Madagascar!
  • Fox Hunting – Amelia the Fox comic strip
  • Shell-dwellers of the Sea – Simon investigates
  • Top Extraordinary Turtles – Amy investigates
  • Quiz Planet – Crossword, puzzles and jokes
  • Eco Bath Bombs – Enjoy some fizzy and vibrant handicraft
  • Design a Shell – Enter this month’s competition
  • Wildlife News – Rhona and Rusty report
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Two Posters

Type: Single issue