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What our Amazing Customers Say About Us

  • “Eco Kids Planet magazine offers a great alternative to shop magazines which just encourage plastic rubbish toys and TV shows. It's great for children because it encourages them to take an interest in the things that really matter in the world, and at the same time it makes them feel like they're part of a bigger family of children around the world that have similar interests."

    Jo Clarke

  • “Eco Kids Planet builds on what I teach my son about looking after our environment and helping to save the planet. It also makes the subject more interesting for him as it is full of new facts that I am not aware of…. When each issue arrives, he is so excited and is completely absorbed in it for a good couple of hours...”


  • “It really is a great publication; so many magazines aimed at children are full of adverts, very little actual content and are only wanted by the children because they want the toy or games or whatever junk they use to sell them. You can imagine how pleased I am to see how happy my son is to delve into your magazine because of what’s in it not what’s stuck to the outside. We love it, thank you!”

    Phillippa Lowe

  • My son (and daughter) love animals. Eco Kids Planet is amazing because it makes the information kiddy friendly, without it being dumbed down, and it gives them a glimpse into different habitats that they might not have known too much about. It nurtures their curiosity of all things wild!”


  • “It is really wonderful to watch my eight year old son completely engaged in reading Eco Kids Planet. He loves nature and now he loves reading too.” 


  • “It's a very important resource which is beautifully & colourfully presented, engaging, accessible & captures my son's interest & imagination. The science is well explained & helps us to discuss important & relevant environmental issues. We love the magazine & the ethos of caring for our planet & wildlife.”

    Angela Kilcoyne

  • “My daughter loves the crafts in the magazines which are very clever, often following instructions without guidance to create wonderful things. Keeps her busy for a while.” 

    Solitaire Stone

  • “I love that it’s ad free and beautiful. The entire magazine is lovely and the content is perfect for my 10-year-old, who is an avid animal lover.”

    Laurie Baird

  • “Eco Kids Planet magazine keeps my daughter busy and teaches her things about nature she wouldn't learn in school. She loves receiving it in the post and looks forward to it. As an adult I also find it interesting to read, and my daughter loves sharing new facts she has learned.”

    Diana Sanchez

  • "We home educate and like to focus on nature and environmental issues. Eco Kids Planet has been a constant feature as part of this for several years now... My daughter counts down the days until each magazine comes through the door. Thank you so much for bringing us such thorough and age-appropriate information in an exciting and engaging way.”

    Kate Davies

  • "We love our @ecokidsplanetmag. Arya is always super excited when one arrives in the post! She loves telling me about all the animal facts she learns while reading it and I love that there are no ads and is packed full of fun but educational content and most importantly no plastic in sight!!"