Eco Kids Planet – Oceans Bundle (Special Offer)

The Amazing Oceans Bundle

  1. Marine Mammals (issue 56)
  2. The Pacific Ocean (issue 51)
  3. The Deep Sea (issue 44) 
  4. The Secrets of the Caribbean Sea (issue 61)

Is your child fascinated by sea creatures? Then don't miss this special offer on our four best-selling ocean-themed issues. Start your marine adventure today!

What's inside? 

Marine Mammals 

This issue celebrates marvellous MARINE MAMMALS!

Discover one of the most extraordinary stories of evolution ever – the evolution of whales! Explore how marine mammals use sound: from the complex songs of humpback whales to the echolocation by dolphins. We also challenge our readers to go on a beach clean and learn about orcas in captivity – why this is such a bad idea and what has been done to end this dreadful practice. 

Plus, make your own paper dolphin scene! 

The Pacific Ocean 

You're in for a splash in our January 2019 edition! The biggest ocean on Earth is teeming with weird and wonderful creatures. Find out how the immortal jellyfish can reverse its ageing process, discover the delicate sand art of the pufferfish, meet a brave barnacle that travels around the ocean… while staying completely still, solve the mystery of disappearing shipwrecks... and much more! 

Plus, make your own shark finger puppet! 

The Deep Sea 

The deep sea is a harsh environment – cloaked in cold darkness and faced with extreme pressure. Yet, many creatures have adapted to it perfectly, often in the weirdest of ways... How do they create their own light? What happens to a dead whale when it sinks to the bottom of the ocean? Who wins in an epic battle between a giant squid and a sperm whale? All to be revealed in our June issue!

Plus, make your own 3D jellyfish and conduct a water pressure experiment.

The Secrets of the Caribbean Sea

A 36-page children's magazine dedicated to the Caribbean Sea and its underwater jewel, the Mesoamerican Reef. The second-largest sea in the world and the islands and land areas within the Caribbean are among the most exotic, biodiverse and naturally beautiful in the world.

Plus, Eco Kids Planet World Map – North and Central America


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