Eco Kids Planet – Sea Creatures – Bundle of Four (Special Offer)

The Sea Creatures Bundle

  1. Sensational Sharks (issue 68)
  2. Marine Mammals (issue 56)
  3. Penguins of the World (issue 50) 
  4. The Secrets of the Caribbean Sea (issue 16)

Is your child fascinated by sea creatures? Then don't miss this special offer on our four best-selling ocean-themed issues. Start your marine adventure today!

What's inside? 

Sensational Sharks

Some sharks are huge… and some can fit in the palm of your hand. Discover the brain-boggling variety of these spectacular sea creatures! Hammer-headed sharks... Sharks that can walk on land... Sharks that light up... Sharks that sleep in cuddly piles like kittens!

Dare to look at the prehistoric giants – megalodons – that once ruled the oceans?

Celebrate shark ‘superpowers’ and find out answers to the big shark questions. Do sharks never sleep? Can they only move forwards? Must they keep moving to stay alive? And are they really dangerous to humans?

Plus, roving reporters Rhona and Rusty bring you the scoop on the latest wildlife news. 

Marine Mammals 

This issue celebrates marvellous MARINE MAMMALS!

Discover one of the most extraordinary stories of evolution ever – the evolution of whales! Explore how marine mammals use sound: from the complex songs of humpback whales to the echolocation by dolphins. We also challenge our readers to go on a beach clean and learn about orcas in captivity – why this is such a bad idea and what has been done to end this dreadful practice. 

Plus, make your own paper dolphin scene! 

Penguins of the World

Our December issue, Penguins of the World, celebrates one of the world's most amazing animals: PENGUINS! What makes them such powerful swimmers, the survivalist heroes, the sensational parents and... (a-hem) the super-poopers? Where can you find them away from the ice? Find out the answers to these questions and make your own penguin decorations!

Plus, make your own paper penguin!  


The Secrets of the Caribbean Sea

A 36-page children's magazine dedicated to the Caribbean Sea and its underwater jewel, the Mesoamerican Reef. The second-largest sea in the world and the islands and land areas within the Caribbean are among the most exotic, biodiverse and naturally beautiful in the world.

Plus, Eco Kids Planet World Map – North and Central America


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