Eco Kids Planet – Rainforests Bundle (Special Offer)

Tropical Rainforests Bundle

The Amazon Rainforest (issue 1)
The first issue of Eco Kid's nature magazines takes your child to the amazing world of the Amazon rainforest.

The Island of New Guinea (issue 28)
The Eco Kids travel to the world's second largest island – New Guinea. Almost three-quarters of this tropical land is lush, dense rainforest – the third largest rainforest in the world (after the Amazon and the Congo). 

The Sumatran Jungle (issue 35)
The Eco Kids discover the Indonesian island of Sumatra, one of the planet’s most amazing places. It’s a land of exceptional natural beauty, with unspoiled tropical beaches – but it also suffers from deadly natural disasters! It has peaceful, sleepy lakes – but also boiling mud! It has one of the most diverse forests on Earth – but it’s also one of the most threatened!

Peru, the Headwaters of the Amazon (issue 37)
Have you heard about a legendary boiling river deep in the Amazon? If small mammals fall in, their muscles cook on their bones! Boil-ieve it or not, it really does exist! Meet the Amazon's oddest bird... Some people call it a 'flying cow' or a 'dinosaur bird', but it's really a hoatzin! Trek to what is possibly the most famous (and mysterious) ruin in the world – the ancient city of Machu Picchu. It's positively packed with wildlife! No wonder it was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. 

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