Spooky Halloween Special


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Spooky Science 

Follow the Eco Kids into the world of creepy crawlies, blood-squirting lizards and real-life zombies, mind-control tricks and flowers that smell of death. Discover the seven top spider superpowers, some of which even the spider-man would envy! And even if you already heard about the bats’ legendary upside-down sleeping and blood-sucking habits, find out what really makes them such awesome SUPERHEROS!

EXTRAS: This issue also includes a vampire bat finger puppet and some bat swarm décor for the Halloween.

Magnificent Minibeasts

Explore the mini-monsters of our waterways, go marching with army ants and find out answers to some curious questions... Do insects poo? What creepy-crawlies live on your face? And just why are minibeasts so important?

EXTRAS: Our readers can also create a spider finger puppet and some spooky slime. 

Natural Disasters

The Eco Kids look at some of the worst kinds of natural disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and erupting volcanoes. What causes these extreme events? Simon investigates dangers coming from space, and Charlie meets with a black kite in Australia to learn about the bushfires. Amy's report follows the tales of animals possessing the power to predict terrible natural disasters. Do animals know something that we humans don't?

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