by Eco Kids Planet March 06, 2018

For our February competition we asked readers to design their own Pokémon by combining animals and elements in an interesting way.

Thank you to everyone who entered! This competition was one of the most popular yet, and all entries were very unique and creative making the judging extra-hard!

Congratulations to our six lucky winners:

IGNIS by Hannah, age 7, Tokyo, Japan


THE LEAFY TERROR by Harry, age 9, Bath


MEGSIDREY by Alicja Spallek, age 9

My Pokemon is called Megsidrey. She looks a bit like a rabbit. She tickles her enemies with her tail. It makes them laugh so hard that they get tired and fall asleep. The spots on her body can hypnotise the enemy so that they cannot move. She builds a nest high up in a tree. She eats grass, leaves and carrots. 

POISONOUS PINEAPPLE by Kalina Spallek, age 7
My Pokemon is called Pinysonous (Poisonous Pineapple) She shoots her enemy with spiky leaves covered with yellow sticky poison .To move she hops on one round foot with 5 toes. She is usually very friendly and loves hugs.

 PINANEAT by Alessando, age 7, Romsey 


PARRILOO by Takiki, age 7, Worthing 


We hope our lucky winners enjoy their Pokemon annuals. And here's some of our other favourite entries:

Pusho by Holly, age 9, Brighton

Carnipint by Roberto, age 5, Romsey

Firey stripey lion friend, by Joshua, age 7, Surrey

I have mixed together a lion and a tiger. It’s personality is that although it looks scary it is actually kind and friendly. It lives in a tropical environment with erupting volcanoes. It’s favourite food is antelope and also larva balls which grow like coconuts on the tropical trees. It’s favourite element is fire especially firey volcanoes.

Tixi by Sophie, age 7, Aberdeen

Flizard by Seb, age 6, London

Napibom by Emilie, age 8 

"Here is my invented Pokemon Napibom,I hope you like it. It makes a propeller with its two tails which it uses to fly,it uses its fins to swim,the spikes on its head act like a bull's horns.😈 It has a surprisingly good intelligence and a really good sense of smell and last of all a very good eyesight.👀


Crabix by Dasha, age 9, Salisbury 

Rosebit by Isabella, age 7, High Wycombe 


Spyrochew by Luke, age 8, Shropshire

Birdbone by Harry, age 6, Bulgaria 

Favourite foods: Honey, seeds, tomatoes

Lives: in a cave in Japan

Special skils: Biting, shooting water from the spikes on his head, shooting lightening from his tail and walking on the bottom of the ocean. 

Robitano by Sam, age 8

Harlow by Tom, age 10, East Sussex

Famtick by Matilda

Doxfed by Holly,age 10, Wicklow Town, Ireland


Wagdol by Samuel, age 7, Bristol

Name: Waydol
Special skill: It can make its mouth pouch bigger to allow it to take in more food
Signature move: Tail flip

Want to enter another competition? Then take a peek at this month's Tree Investigation competition.

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