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Deforestation Monster

by Eco Kids Planet 02 November, 2017

Deforestation Monster

Our Tropical forests are not only home to thousands of amazing creatures, but also breathe huge amounts of oxygen into the world, making them a very important habitat.

Sadly, millions of hectares of rainforest are being removed and destroyed, affecting many people and wildlife who depend on it.

To raise awareness of this damage, we asked you to draw a 'deforestation monster' for our Sumatran Jungle issue competition. What great imaginations you all have! We received some fantastic entries, all showing your thoughts and care about the damage caused by deforestation.

A massive well done to the following winners:

1) The Forest Eater by Alexis Tinker-Tsavalas, age 10, Germany

2) St. Angler, Deforestation Monster by Jayden Price, age 8, United Kingdom

3) The Tree Toppler by Thomas Webb, age 9, France

 4) Deforestation Monster by Alex McCaffery, age 8, United Kingdom

5) Deforestation Monster by Ursula Lovegrove, age 9, Sweden

This monster is a threat to the planet. If this monster chops down and eats a tree, it will increase its size by a lot. By destroying this evil creature, we can save our world from DESTRUCTION!

6) Multiplying Deforestation Monster by Santhana Sivaselvan, age 8, USA

We LOVED receiving ALL of your letters and drawings from around the world. Thank you to everyone who entered. You can browse below through the rest of your excellent and creative entries!

Deforestation Monster by Sophie Middleton, age 6, Portlethen

The Tree Monster by Jayan Bossuet, age 6, France

The tree monster uses his sharp teeth to snap off the branches so that the tree dies. He has also made a baby monster to help him cut down more trees. The butterflies and bees
are scared of them. The birds are sad because there are fewer trees to make their nests and lay their eggs. 

The Wicked Whisperer  by Ameya Bossuet, age 8, France 

This wicked monster spits black snakes which hypnotise men to cut down trees. The snakes whisper in their ears saying there are so many trees that it does not matter if they cut them down.  People must not listen to bad whispers.We need to tell them that trees are important to give us oxygen and help nature.

The Deforestation Monster by Jago Degraeve, age 9, South Brent

The Hoovers Suck by Emilia Pitcher, age 8, London

Fire in words' by Emilia Pitcher, age 8, London

Birds flee. Elephants run. Rhinos speed. All into the future. Where they are not here. Extinct they will be. So the pressure is on us. To save them as they die from habitat loss.
Don't buy palm oil. Don't cut down trees. You're an animal.
Humans grow palm oil. It's for good they say. It is for you and me. But not for the animals. We grow happy but they grow sad. We have good lives in order to destroy theirs. You -
Humans in general said they do no harm. They do.
You may be you but you can help with habitat loss by not buying palm oil.

The Deforestation Monster by Thomas Kelly, age 9, Hythe


Boris the Bomb Bat and Dave the Deforestation Zombie by James, age 9

The Deforestation Monster by Hannah Siddons, age 8, Nutley

Isabelle Mulier, age 6, Warlingham.
I am almost 7 years old and I made this Fire Monster with tools. He destroys forests!

The Deforestation Devil by Jasper Simmons, age 10, Teddington

Tree Axe by Laurent Webb, age 6, France


Fred the Forest Destroyer by Jasper Symon, age 6, Corsham

Deforestation Monster by Robbie Ruthren, age 6, Peebles

 Deforestation Monster by Stanley Screeche-Powell, age 7, Orpington

Queen of Deforestation by Tori Maddocks, age 9, Angelsey

An Angry, Fire Deforestation Monster by Emilia Mulier, age 9, Warlingham



Deforestation Monster by Nathan Barber, age 8, Wakefield


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