Mighty Mekong Competition Winners

by Eco Kids Planet 04 July, 2018

Mighty Mekong Competition Winners

Issue 43 met some interesting Mekong creatures. We wanted to know which ones sparked our readers' imagination most? We challenged you to send us a drawing, collage or playdough craft of your favourite Mekong animal, including an interesting fact about the creature. Wow, we had some super-duper entries. Let's take a look at the winners.

 Callum Webb, aged 6 and Alistair Webb, aged 8, Derby 

These collages are super. It's brilliant how they've pieced similar colours together to build the pictures. What interesting animal facts too!

Govinda Davidopoulos, age 8, Hertfordshire

We love Govinda's idea of using natural materials, such as clay, to sculpture the animal. The colour is perfect, too – the giant stingray would be very well camouflaged! Well done!

Emily Ironside

A fantastic choice of animal. Emily has captured its impressive mouth and detailed shell very well. What a great fact too! Imagine what else we’re yet to discover.

Orlando (age 5) and Brooke (age 7) Moss, Reading

We're impressed with these drawings. Fantastic choices of animal and it’s great how they've included the animal's habitats. They've also taken the time to write out lots of interesting facts. Well done!

Runner's up

Sadly, we could only choose four winners, however, here's a special mention to some of our other favourite entries:

Sophie, age 8

Giant Stingray



Dara, age 6

Giant Stingray


Zulayha, age 10

Conn, age 7

White Shouldered Ibis

I like the white-shouldered ibis because it is grey and blue & pink and cute. Ibisies range from 18 to 42 inches i length. They eat clayfish, fish frogs and insects. The end.


James, age 9


Irrawaddy Dolphins like to swim in groups
Of around ten, but if the species continues to
dwindle, this sadly won't be possible any more.
Endangered animal species are like the wax
on a candle; extinctions like a flame.  As the flame
slowly or quickly burns, the wax on the candle starts
to melt, until there is no more of it left, just memories....


Freddy, Age 7

Giant Softshell Turtle

 The prize:

We hope that our lucky winners enjoy reading their 'A Year of Forest School' book! Embark on lots of adventures! 

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