by Eco Kids Planet March 30, 2023

In February’s ‘Wildlife Heroes and… Villains?’ issue, we asked you to create your own Earth Hero. Thank you to everyone who sent us their entries. We are so impressed by your thoughtful words and powerful images! We're so proud of our amazing young readers.

Congratulations to our four winners!

Alfie, age 10, Tealing

EcoBot 300

“This is my EcoBot 3000. He can put out fires, plant seeds and water them. He collects rubbish from the ocean with net bags; he can stop poachers and his engine is powered by bubbles.”


Beti, age 10, Slovenia

Earth Hero



Henry, age 8, Chiselborough

Eco Ape

“Eco Ape has big eyes for spotting rubbish and he has a grabber on his tail for picking up the rubbish. Eco Ape has big, magic boxing gloves that he can use to bash up the rubbish and it magically turns into compost. Eco Ape has big feet for running very fast. Eco Ape’s mission is to stop pollution and climate change throughout the world, one piece of rubbish at a time! Eco Ape’s mission will be complete when the whole world works together to look after the environment.”


Vanessa, age 9, Nottingham

Litter-Picking Panda

“This is a litter-picking panda, which has a special brain that is connected to her magnet, so she knows what she’s picking up. Her superpower is that she can fly miles from China to England. By doing this, she will make the planet and ocean healthier.”



Kristina, age 10, Edinburgh

Captain Ecozo

Tiernan, age 9, Randalstown 

Super Meerkat

Ella, aged 8

Eco Cat

"She saves the world using her eco powers. She saves animals from danger such as helping turtles cross the road or stopping forest fires. Her symbol is a pink flower. Her eco powers include flying, being very quick and being able to jump very high. She also has the ability to control nature like Mother Earth."

River, Whitland

Super Elephant Earth Super Hero

Fern, age 9, Longfield


Beth, age 12, Swansea


Florence, age 12, Margate

Alice, age 7, Wallasey

Alice Vegan Girl

She has a machine to suck up any plastic and turn it into new toys. She is vegan to help save the planet and protect the animals.

Danielle, age 9, Sullivan (USA)

Susanna, age 8, London


"My animal eco hero is Artigator. He is an alligator and his super powers are that he turns plastic into ecofriendly works of art that come to life and become something else eg he can make a castle of green for animals who are sick to live in and he made it using his super powers turning plastic tubes and bottles into a living green castle."

Jessica, age 9, Gloucester

Cleany the Whale

"My Whale is called ‘Cleany the Whale’ she scoops up all the rubbish that pollutes our oceans and magically turns it into new marine life!!"

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