by Eco Kids Planet February 09, 2020

In our ‘The Highest Heights’ issue, we asked you to pick something really tall or giant and tell us all about it. What mighty entries we received!

Congratulations to our five winners! 

Aoife, age 10, London

 Seren, age 6, Carlisle

Benjamin, age 8, Burstwick

Jayan, age 9, Gittisham

"This weekend I went to Dartmoor and asked my mum to take a photo of us at the Whitelady waterfall as I think it's perfect for this competition. The waterfall is in Lydford Gorge, and it's exciting to see the water crashing down. It falls 100 metres and is the highest waterfall in southwest England. It is famous in history and poets have written about how special it is. One poet described it like this in the 19th century:

Down o’er a rock of towering height,
A foaming sheet of dazzling light.

In the photo, my sister and I are standing near it. We went to see it after all the rain, so it was even more powerful. The National Trust says that the wind and spray from the impact of water on rocks makes it a rainforest-like place, which is why you will see all that moss and fern around. Most of the branches of the trees around are covered in moss and it feels like we are in a mysterious place.

In fact, there are many stories about where the name Whitelady comes from. Some say it's because of the way the water looks as it comes down the rocks, like a lady dressed in a white gown. Others say it is the ghost of the white lady believed to haunt the waterfall, saving anyone who falls in. I thought it was cool to see how high the water came down from and definitely special.”

Martha, age 10, Truro

What you've won:

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Here are more of our favourite giants

Elanor, age 7, Somerset

Sophie, age 8, Rossett

Roman, age 7, Cheshire

Ella, age 8, South Yorkshire

Gaia, age 8, Italy

Noah, age 9, South Wales

Erin, age 9, Anglesy

Bo, age 5, Felixstowe

Lily, age 10, Devon

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