by Eco Kids Planet October 05, 2021

Pebble Paintings

In our July/August ‘Fantastic Fish’ issue, we asked our readers to create pebble paintings. We received many marvellous entries – from tiny stone decorations to large rock paintings to an aquarium of pebble fish! It was incredibly difficult to select only five winners. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this competition.


Congratulations to our five winners!

Sophia, age 7, Cheam

An aquarium of pebble fish

pebble painting

Luke, age 8, Leigh

Common fangtooth fish pebble

fangtooth fish pebble

Ayan, age 7, Surbiton

Colourful parrot fish

rainbow fish pebble painting

Amber, age 7, Peterborough

I love creating these paintings of fish on pebbles and stones

pebble paintings

Maddox, age 7, Aldershot

The barreleye fish, talking with a clown fish

pebble paintings

More amazing entries from our readers!

Alex and Leo, ages 9 and 7, Dunmurry

stone paintings


Alice, age 9, Cornwall

pebble paintings


Eve, age 10, Swansea

pebble paintingpebble painting

Emily, age 10, Tullynessle

pebble painting

Florence, age 9, Devon

cuttlefish pebble painting

Sophia, age 9, Livingstone

pebble painting

Felicity, age 9, Tamworth 

pebble painting

Isabel, age 9, North Berwick

pebble paintings

Jayan, age 10, Ottery St. Mary

pebble paintings


Keira, age 4, Hampshire

Lorna, age 9, Lee on Solent

pebble paintings


Amelia, age 8, Tockhill

pebble painting

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