Monthly Competition: Wild Cat Diversity Card

by Eco Kids Planet 14 January, 2020

Monthly Competition: Wild Cat Diversity Card

There are at least 38 different species of wild cats around the world. They are all amazing, but for this month’s competition, we challenge you to pick just ONE! Perhaps you’ve always had a favourite cat, such as a gracious cheetah or magnificent lion. Or maybe you’ve just discovered a new incredible cat that you’d never heard of before.

What to do:

To enter the competition, we’d like you to create a ‘diversity card’ for your chosen feline. You can include a drawing or a photo, as well as a few interesting facts, such as location, size and your particular cat’s special skills and adaptations.

What you can win:

FIVE lucky readers will win this fabulous game from MAINTENANT Sustaining Now.

Diversity Deck - Endangered Animals
DIVERSITY DECK® is a collection of 16 packs of cards, covering different scientific topics. The Endangered Animals pack features many lesser-known but incredible creatures that are currently facing extinction. Ever heard of the spotted handfish or the golden-eyed stick insect? The pack has several games with different levels of difficulty, so there really is a game for everyone!

RRP: £9.99
Available at: shop/games/decks-endangered-animals

How to enter:

💌 Send a letter to:
Eco Kids Planet, 41 Claremont Road, Barnet, EN4 0HR

💻 or email us on:

📅 Deadline: 10th February 2020.

Please make sure to include your full name, age and address, so we know how to reach you. We can't wait to see your delicious treats.

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