Mud Face Competition

by Eco Kids Planet September 07, 2017

In our summer special, Africa's Giants, we asked our readers to have some messy fun creating faces using mud and different things you find in nature. Thank you to everyone who sent us their letters and photos. Below are some of your best muddy creations!

Amali, age 10,  Lostwithiel

I hope you like my mud face, it is an owl. I wanted to make it a bit different so I did an owl. I love owls. I love Eco Kids planet magazine. This competition was such fun.

Harrison, age 7, Australia



Hana, Luton


Leila, age 7, New Malden

Dominic, age 11, Leeds

The Woodland Wanderer Mudface


Harriet, age 10,Carshalton 

This is my mud face made out of mud; with dried olive leaves for hair; three little flowers for a hint of colour; grass seeds for eye brows; snipped olives for eyes; moulded mud and sunflower seeds for a nose; watermelon cut precisely to shape for a mouth and stones for a necklace and earrings.

I made Olivia ( that is her name because I made her under an olive tree in Italy). 


Keira, age 6, Edwinstowe


Drew, age 9, St. Osyth


Arlo, age 8, St. Osyth


Innes, age 8, Strout


Axel, age 10

Lion Face

"Down with poaching"



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