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My Endangered Animal Competition

by Eco Kids Planet 05 February, 2018

My Endangered Animal Competition

For this month’s competition, we’d like you to create your favourite endangered animal. It could be a drawing, a collage or even a Lego design – it's entirely up to you. Once you have created your animal, give it a voice: what would your animal friend say to us if it could speak? 

What you can win:

Power House provides an overview of the many forms of alternative energy (energy that doesn’t use harmful fossil fuels). With this kit, you can learn about alternative energy and sustainable living by conducting 100 experiments and building energy-related models. The 64-page colourful manual provides instructions, scientific explanations and energy-saving tips. Experiment with heating, cooling, conduction, convection and insulation. Test solar collection methods with a solar collector. Hook up a solar panel to generate electricity from sunlight. Build wind turbines to extract energy from the wind. Construct a greenhouse and learn about the energy conservation tricks used by plants.

How to submit your entries:



Send a letter to: Eco Kids Planet, 41 Claremont Road, Barnet, EN4 0HR

Or send us an email:

Deadline: 15th February 2018.

Please make sure to include your full name, age and address, so we know how to reach you if you're selected as a lucly winner! 

Eco Kids Planet
Eco Kids Planet


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