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For January's competition, we challenged you to create your favourite endangered animal. A drawing, a collage or even a Lego design – the task was entirely up to you. We also asked you to think about what your animal would say if it could talk? And WOW, we've been BLOWN AWAY by all of your amazing entries! Choosing just one winner was incredibly hard as everyone's entries were creative, clever and passionate.

Congratulations to our winner!

Polly, age 10

"This is Sally. She is an endangered hawksbill turtle. I made her from Fimo modelling clay. I am please with how she turned out especially her eyes. I made them by rolling blue, white I black clay into a tiny sausage shape and then cutting slices off. I saw a turtle on holiday in Egypt and I love them. But I don't think the one I saw was a hawksbill. From Polly

We hope you enjoy your Power House prize from Thames and Kosmos!  

A HUGE WELL DONE to some of our other entries: 



Selena, age 10

red-squirrel-endangered-creature"My favourite endangered specie is the squirrel. I have made a model and decided to name my squirrel Sophie. She has a squeaky voice and she would like to tell you something: Hello Eco Kids Planet, Thank you very much for publishing this magazine about the wonderful news that Pandas are now not on the bridge of extinction😊. I was also endangered because of those pesky grey squirrels ☹but now I am being protected. I hope our species in the future won’t be endangered any more. In my opinion, it is good that you are making people aware of this. I really love the posters! They are so adorable especially the pandas. :-)" Yours sincerely, Sophie the squirrel. 

Muhajiza, age 9

Javan Rhinoceros


“I have been an endangered animal because of my ivory. People cut it off to sell. Soon I’ll be popular if people help me.”

Eva, age 7

Sophia, age 7

Emile, age 8

Nehir, age 8

Ben, age 10

Amber the Amur Leopard


"Dear Amy, Simon and Charlie,

Greetings from Russia!

Did you know that Amur leopards are the most endangered big cats in the world? (Personally, I think we are the most beautiful as well.) So much for those snooty tigers, they think they're so clever, being all modest. There was a particularly annoying one in issue 12 of Eco Kids Planet (India, the Land of Contrasts) called Tipu. Honestly, who needs a name meaning "like a tiger" when you already are one? 

Bye for now, Amber the Amur Leopard x " 

Astrid, age 8 

Ella the Elephant
If it could talk, she would ask that they stop cutting our tusks off! We need them to eat, dig and defend ourselves in the wild.

Sophë, age 8

My name is Sophë. I’m 8 years old and from Haida Gwaii. I love 💗 all the animals. The endangered one closest to my heart is the Orca or Killer Whale. The Haida call them Ska’ana. They are incredible and need our help. What they say to me is “We are here. Please don’t pollute our home and be careful with your boats, they kill.”

Alexis, age 10

"I've made this out of modelling clay that I got for Christmas. There are 2 reasons why I did a panda 🐼 1. They are beautiful creatures 2. My long lost friend loves pandas and I did it in memory of her.

Mary, age 7

"This is Mary's favourite endangered animal – the snow leopard. We watched Big Cats on television and she fell in love with the snow leopard."

 Abigail, age 8

Jeff the Jaguar

I am Jeff the Jaguar,
I live in South America.
I love to climb the trees up high,
But if you cut them down,
I’ll have to say good-bye!

Madeline, age 7 

Alexander, age 7 

Danae, age 4

Iona, age 6

Loren, age 10

 Kerian, age 8

"Kerian is 8 years old and after much hesitation, he chose to draw a manatee.  The research was almost as interesting as the drawing itself. We learned loads about other animals and it was hard to let go of the fishing cat and river dolphin! Kerian spent time drawing a few manatees from different angles for practice. We hope you like this multi media one. All his own work😊 " 



Olesya, age 8

Harriet, age 8

"The Red Squirrel would say, please don’t harm me we haven't done anything wrong we actually help the trees grow and don’t just think we are are horrible dirty rodents bye."

Valentina, age 8

"I made a sock puppet Echo parakeet for the green magic competition. I made it all out of recycled materials and feathers from my chickens and ducks."

Leon, age 4

William, age 7

Stuart, age 10

Adam, age 7


Umamah, age 10


"I am the King, the King of the Jungle, I am the fearless powerful predator coming to hunt you down, but wait who is that coming into MY TERRITORY… oh no it is a human coming to hunt ME down but why me, I’m the fearless powerful King of the Jungle, I used to be the predator but now I’m the prey …"

Cecily, age 8

"My turtle wants  to say that she doesn't want any more plastic bags in the sea because she thinks they are jellyfish and eats them; they aren't good for her tummy. Also, she doesn't want anyone to eat her eggs. And she doesn't want any super-swimmers to catch her for her shell or to eat her meat on a barbecue."

Pascal, age 9

Sumatran Tiger



Toby, age 8

Toby the Turtle

"Hello, my name is Toby the Turtle. Please help me get to the sea by turning off your lights."

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