'My Garden Bird' Competition

by Eco Kids Planet February 27, 2017

In our January (Lake Baikal) issue, we asked you to send us a drawing or a photo of your favourite garden bird. Thank you to all the bird lovers who shared their drawings and letters! Find out who the lucky five winners are in our March issue of Eco Kids Planet.

Robin by Fiona, Switzerland


Gold finch and woodpecker by Ralph, age 6

Blue titby Annabel, age 8

Black-billed magpie by Ika, age 9

Blue tit by Isla, age 7

Blackbirdby Sam, age 7


Blue titby Pearl, age 8


Longtailed tits on the feeder outside our kitchen windowby Kitty, age 6

Barn Owl by Indigo, age 5


Magpie and blue titby Olesya, age 7


Blue tit by Ben, age 5


European jay by Alexis, age 9


Blue tit by Cuba, age 7

Blue titby Samuel, age 5

Robinby Clara, age 9

A Sparrow Hawkby Toby, age 9

 A Sony Thrushby Oliver, age 12

Eaglesby Sohn, age 10

Pileated woodpecker by Sophe, age 7


Great tit by Natalie, age 9


Blue tit by Eva, age 9


Blue tit by Umamah



Blue tit and blackbird by Arlo, age 7


My garden bird by Hana Léna, age 5



Robin by Harry, age 8


Cassowary by Ben, age 7



Dove by Elza, age 6



My garden bird by Evie, age 11



Robin by Grace, age 8


Blue tit by Sophie, age 7


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