Painting Nature Pebbles

by Emma Louise Oldham 09 July, 2018

Painting Nature Pebbles

Stones and pebbles come in all different shapes, sizes and textures, making them a fun and tactile object to paint on. This month, we’re challenging you to transform your stones and pebbles into plants and animals!

What you need: 

- Pebbles and stones
- Washing-up bowl/sink
- Tea towel
- Poster or acrylic paints
- Paintbrushes
- A colour-mixing dish/palette
- Clear nail varnish 

Step 1: Wash your stones with clean water. Dry them with the tea towel.

Step 2: Decide what animal or plant you’re going to create and mix up your colours ready.

Step 3: Paint away! Will your pebble be a shy mouse? A bright butterfly? Or a warty toad?

Step 4: Allow your masterpiece to completely dry.

Step 5: Using a clean paintbrush, coat your pebble/ stone in clear nail varnish. Once dry, this coating will make your artwork waterproof if left outside.

Step 6: Find a ‘natural habitat’ for your pebble and take a photo! Below are some awesome ideas for inspiration!

Emma Louise Oldham
Emma Louise Oldham


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