Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 26 - The Mystery Ice Age

The Eco Kids have turned into palaeontologists for this issue of Eco Kids Planet! They learned about mighty beasts that roamed the ice plains more than 12,000 years ago. Huge, hairy, tusked and armoured, they looked tough, survived for thousands of years in the BIG FREEZE, but finally became extinct. "If we could bring the woolly mammoth back to life, should we do it?" debate the Eco Kids. 

MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Make-Your-Own Mammoth Pop-Up Card

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  • What is the Ice Age? – Travel back in time to learn about Ice Ages
  • Incredible Ice Age Giant Trumps – Meet the Ice Age giants
  • Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth – Amy and Charlie debate…
  • Amy Meets her Ancient Cousin – Interview with Dr Matthew Pope
  • The Lost World of Doggerland – Simon's explorer diary
  • Ice Age Movie – Fact & Fiction
  • Fossil Frenzy! – Help Amy work out whose fossils they are
  • Eco Kids’ World Calendar (December) – What's going on in the animal kingdom around the world?
  • Ice Age Crossword and Jokes – Have fun with puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • My Ice Age Giant – Enter this month's competition

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Type: Single issue

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