Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 57/58 - Rainforests

July/August 2019 edition: Rainforests

 Our summer double issue, 'Rainforests', is packed with wild discoveries!

Watch out for fantastic, freaky frogs (some hopping, others flying)! Meet a giant anteater and a tiny (argumentative) ant! Discover seven animals with awesome rainforest adaptations: from the charming spider monkey to the awe-inspiring Goliath bird-eating spider.  Slow down for the endangered pygmy three-toed sloth. And beware of the 'god of the night', the mighty jaguar! 


  • A Letter From a Jaguar – The biggest cat of South America
  • The Rainforest of the World – Step deep into the jungle
  • Charlie Meets a Giant Anteater... and a tiny ant
  • Totally Awesome Rainforest Adaptations – Amy investigates
  • Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth – Endangered Creature Feature
  • Fantastic Frog Fest! – Hop into the world of these amazing amphibians
  • Rainforest Riddles... Can you guess these animals?
  • Would You Survive in a Rainforest – Take Simon's survival test
  • Mythical Creatures of the Amazon – Amelia the Fox comic strip
  • A Rainbow of Frogs (Almost) – Poster
  • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Games, puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • Go on a Beach Clean – Enjoy this month's nature project
  • 'Jazz in the Jungle' collage – Enter this month's competition
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Snake finger puppets
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Two wildlife posters 
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS (NEW!): Wildlife newsletter

Type: Single issue