Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 66 – Amazing Equines

April 2020 edition: Amazing Equines

Who knew we would be trotting through uncharted territories with our new issue, ‘Amazing Equines’? While the world as we knew it has come to a halt, our new issue is here, hot off the press!

Discover how horses evolved from multi-toed, dog-sized creatures into the beloved breeds we know today. What has made them such amazing companions to us humans for over five million years? Have unicorns ever existed? And is the Mongolian takhi really the last truly wild horse? Find out the answers, meet the granddaddy of all donkeys – the African wild ass – and help brave Amelia the Fox stop an illegal fox hunt!

Our readers can also make their own moving (paper) horse and enjoy delicious Easter Krispie Pops. 


  • A Letter from Bahira – The dazzling Arabian horse
  • Amazing Equines! – Meet some marvellous members of the horse family
  • Charlie Meet a Mongolian Wild Horse! – Could it be the last truly wild horse?
  • African Wild Ass – The granddaddy of all donkeys!
  • Fox Hunting – Amelia the Fox comic strip
  • The Weird Side of Horses – Simon investigates
  • A Brief History of Horses (and Humans) – Amy investigates
  • Quiz Planet – Games, puzzles and jokes
  • Easter Krispie Pops – Bake yummy treats this Easter
  • Crooked Cress Heads – Enter this month’s competition
  • Wildlife News – Rhona and Rusty report
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Donkey Poster, Arabian Horses Poster
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Horse Paper Puppet

Type: Single issue