Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 28 - The Island of New Guinea

The Eco Kids travel to the world's second largest island – New Guinea. Almost three-quarters of this tropical land is lush, dense rainforest – the third largest rainforest in the world (after the Amazon and the Congo). The island is also home to some of the largest mangrove forests, arid savannahs, rugged hills, deep river valleys and mountain summits permanently covered in snow. Its coastal waters have beautiful reefs, alive with a huge variety of fish and coral. Its climates vary enormously. As a visitor, you might be battered by violent rainstorms, conked out by sweltering heat and humidity, or stranded in a snowstorm! The island of New Guinea is certainly one of a kind. 

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    • The Island of New Guinea – Discover the bird-of-paradise island
    • Top (Show-off) Birds of Paradise Trumps – Meet the exquisitely beautiful evolutionary marvels
    • Moss, the Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo – Charlie’s interview
    • The Kombai People – Life in the trees
    • How to Survive in a Jungle – Simon’s explorer diary
    • You’ve Got Mail – Letter from Lexi, the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing
    • UK Wetlands – Enjoy this month’s nature project
    • You’ve got Mail – Letter from Odette, the Whooper Swan
    • New Guinea Big Quiz – Test your knowledge
    • Fruit Frenzy – Match tropical fruits to their trees
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • Show the Love – Enter this month's competition
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Eco Kids Planet Calendar – February
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Two Posters

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