Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 51 - The Pacific Ocean

January 2019 edition: The Pacific Ocean. 
You're in for a splash in our latest issue! The biggest ocean on Earth is teeming with weird and wonderful creatures. Find out how the immortal jellyfish can reverse its ageing process, discover the delicate sand art of the pufferfish, meet a brave barnacle that travels around the ocean… while staying completely still, solve the mystery of disappearing shipwrecks... and much more!


  • A Letter From a Nudibranch – Welcome to the Pacific!
  • Let’s Get Specific About the Pacific! – Discover the World's biggest ocean
  • The Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the Pacific Ocean – Amy investigates...
  • The Hawksbill Turtle – Endangered Creature Feature
  • The Coral Triangle – Discover the Amazon of the Seas
  • Charlie Meets a Barnacle ! – An interview with a humpback whale’s tiny passenger
  • Pacific Ocean Shipwrecks – Simon investigates...
  • Amelia the Fox comic – The friendly fox saves a turtle
  • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • How to Paint with Salt – Enjoy this month's crafty project
  • The Wonderful Creatures of the Pacific – Enter this month's competition
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: DIY shark finger puppet 
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Two posters

Type: Single issue