Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 64 – The Highest Heights

February 2020 edition: The Highest Heights

Just how high above the ground can life endure? There are many challenges living near the peaks of the planet’s highest mountains. There’s intense sunlight, cold winds blasting you from every direction and barely enough oxygen to breathe. But the tallest mountains have all kinds of life. Let’s look at their creatures, from the Himalayan jumping spider – which has the highest home in the world – to the Tibetan sand fox. From snow leopards to hot-spring snakes. From yaks with large lungs to help them breathe up there to gravity-defying, mountain climbing goats!


  • A Letter from Gaga – Meet the Yunnan snubnosed monkey
  • Happy to Be High! – How animals cope with life in the peaks
  • Charlie Meets… a Red Panda! – The unbearably adorable bear-cat<
  • Mountain Pygmy Possum – Mysterious marsupial of the mountains
  • The Pyrenees Mountains – Amelia the Fox comic strip
  • Butterfly Bonanza Games – Fluttering fun
  • Mountain Animal Riddles – Guess the creatures
  • The Himalayas! – Simon investigates
  • High-Altitude Amphibians – Amy investigates
  • Quiz Planet – More games, puzzles and jokes
  • Butterfly Feeder – Enjoy this month’s nature project
  • Highest of Heights – Enter this month’s competition
  • Wildlife News – Rhona Reports!
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Alpine Marmots Poster
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Poster

Type: Single issue