Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 71 – Outer Space

September 2020: Outer Space

This month, we jet off into Outer Space to explore the Moon, Pluto, and some super space rocks! ☄️ 

We've got the answers to some of the biggest cosmic questions around such as what space is made of, if the universe is infinite, and if space has a smell! 

In this spectacular issue, our special reporters Rhona and Rusty bring you all the latest news in the world of wildlife. From rescued seal pups in Norfolk to poo-shooting Humboldt penguins - they've got lots to tell you about.

Packed full of fascinating facts and things to do, readers will also get the chance to win their very own Stomp Rocket! 


  • A Letter from Space-Travelling Tortoises – Welcome to our supersonic Outer Space issue!
  • Cosmic Questions – Find answers to some space mysteries
  • The Moon – Amy investigates!
  • Space Rocks – Asteroids, comets and meteoroids
  • Animals and Space – Simon investigates
  • Charlie Meets an Alien Animal
  • Pluto – It's a small world
  • Supernova - Amelia the Fox comic
  • Quiz Planet – Crossword, puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You - your letters and creations
  • Balloon Rocket Experiment – The Mad Scientist's corner
  • Create an Alien World – Enter this month’s competition
  • Wildlife News – Rhona and Rusty report
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Two posters

Type: Single issue