by Eco Kids Planet July 01, 2017

Even England can get very hot in the summer, and it’s not always easy for animals to find water. When we get hot, we want to cool off, and animals are no different. Building a little water feature is one of the best things you can do to help wildlife!

You will need:

  • A washing-up bowl or bucket. 
  • Some gravel or sand.
  • A few big stones, bricks or logs.
  • Some pond plants.

How to do it: 

1) Dig a hole big enough to fit your bucket.

2) Pour some gravel or sand into the bottom of your bucket for insects to burrow into. Don’t use soil, because this might cause algae to grow.

3) Surround the pond with some smaller stones to make it look natural.

4) Make sure the animals can get out by putting a couple of bricks, larger rocks or logs in your pond.

5) Fill the pond! Rainwater is best but you can also use tap water.

6) Add some pond plants.

Ask at your local garden centre for pond plants that oxygenate (ox-ee-jenate) the water (meaning they create oxygen for the animals to breathe). We recommend something like hornwort.

7) Now sit back and wait! Animals will love using your new water feature for a quick bath and, in a few months, it may even attract some frogs!

TOP TIP: This water feature can be made in any small space – even a patio or balcony! Just make sure your animals can get in and out, perhaps by building some steps or a ramp!

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