by Eco Kids Planet June 09, 2017

Get out and enjoy the summer sunshine by hosting a Great Lake Raft Race and inviting your friends to take up the challenge!



  • At least four sticks of equal length for the base  
  • One stick for the mast
  • One large leaf or feather for the sail 
  • Long grass reeds or stems for bending and binding
  • Twigs, berries, flowers, catkins and any other natural materials to decorate your boat


  • First, find some water for your raft race. This could be a pond in your garden, a little stream or a nearby lake.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt and collect the natural materials listed above. (You aren’t allowed to use anything you didn’t find in nature – no sellotape or strings!)
  • Use these natural materials to build a little raft.


    Hint: Wind a long grass reed around the stick joints to hold them in place. 

  • If you are feeling adventurous, how about creating a little character to be the captain of your boat? Remember, it will need to be nice and light, so it doesn’t sink.
  • Get everyone gathered at the water’s edge to launch your boats! Make sure you time them to see whose boat stays afloat for the longest!


Three top tips:

  1. Always be careful when you are around water. Make sure you are with an adult and there is a safe spot to get near the water’s edge without falling in.
  2. Use only natural materials, so as not to leave litter in the water.
  3. Take pictures of your raft race!

Send a picture of your raft race to or ask your parent or carer to post it on our Facebook wall:

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