by Eco Kids Planet December 09, 2019

Christmas is an exciting time. Childreneagerly wait to see what surprises are waiting for them under the tree. Families bond over homemade food and board games. We pull crackers, tell jokes, watch films together and enjoy our new gifts.
We understand why finding the perfect gift is important to you. You don't want your child's gift to end up forgotten about injust a few week's time. You don't want your child's gift to cost the environment. You don't want plastic-tat. You want something inspiring, immersing, educational and fun. You want something that will last your child all-year-around. You want something that unites you.That helps you to raise a caring child and sparks family activities and conversations. That's why Eco Kids Planet Magazine is the answer this Christmas. 
A series of colourful and informative kids nature magazines, Eco Kids Planet aims to introduce children to the wonders of nature. We encourage them to protect their planet.Our list reveals exactly why Eco Kids Planetreally is the BEST Christmas gift in theworld for children aged 7 to 11.

1. We Help You Raise Wildlife Ambassadors

You’re passionate about wildlife and want to protect it. We help you raise a child who loves and protects our planet, too. Each issue, we highlight environmental issues from different regions around the world and talk about the plight of individual species. Children learn about millions of extraordinary creatures from across the globe.Sharing success stories and solutions, we inspire our readers to help us achieve a green future. Your child sees a future where they can help our oceans, land and wildlife thrive. Children become more thoughtful and considerate. Because the more they know, the more they appreciate, and the more they care.

2. We're Helping Children Excel at School

Hooray! A Christmas present that helps support children with school. When we plan our content, we ensure that it supports and extends the national curriculum.This means that your children can learn and advance their knowledge, without feeling as though it’s homework!Before long, they’llproudly tell you how they impressed their teacher and classmates with their new knowledge. The magazines willquickly become their go-to resource for school projects and homework.
Young readers also encounter new scientific, nature-based and geographical words, which arecarefully chosen and explained in the glossary sections.Our FREE online resource pack (available with each issue) includes literacy quizzes to help children practise their new vocabulary.

“Dear Eco-kids planet. I have just worked through my first issue of this magazine. I think it is great and have hardly put it down. My teacher was impressed with how much I was able to tell her about the islands, I thought it was all very interesting and I can't wait for the next issue." Cammi, age 8.

3. Craft Together Over Christmas 

A 3D basking shark, a flying raptor, an African tribal mask – these are just a few examples of the crafts we’ve included inside our magazines. What a lovely way to bond over Christmas than crafting or creating one of our nature activities. With step-by-step instructions, children can recycle and transform part of their magazines into a dancing Japanese crane, a vampire bat finger puppet, and lots of other exciting ideas we have up our sleeves. So, don’t be surprised if a cute pinecone penguin or paper robin joins you for Christmas dinner.

"The blue throated macaw has joined us for every meal since we made him on Sunday... apparently he likes hazelnuts (or that might be my 5 yr old).” 

4. We're Always Ads Free

Did you know that companies spend approximately $17 billion annually marketing to children? And with the rise in ‘screen-time’, children are exposed to adverts on a daily basis. Imagine how much your children have been marketed in the build-up to Christmas? Our magazines are ad-free because a learning journey should never be interrupted. Listen to your child sharing fascinating facts instead of begging for a toy they saw in an advert.

5. We Capture Children's Imaginations

On each page, a pair of wild eyes stare back at you, a giant crab leaps off the page, or a mighty volcano explodes.Adventuring around the world, we showcase amazing wildlife and habitats, unique cultures and traditions. Your children will meet real local people and inspiring projects.Each issue also comes with beautiful posters, which your child can display in their dens, bedrooms and classrooms. Imagine it your children in their new pyjamas, nice and full from Christmas cake, relaxed on the sofa and lost in their magazine. 

“Ayan was inspired by the Caribbean Sea edition to come up with a new theory on the Bermuda Triangle mystery. Here is his drawing showing a force vortex created by the eruption of an underwater volcano. The vortex sucks in anything in its path including alien spaceships!... Stay safe out there!”

6. Your Gift will Last all Year Around

Your gift goes beyond opening on Christmas Day. Each month, your child will enjoy the postman delivering a new magazine, with the enveloped marked to them. We all remember how fun and special it felt having post of our own! 

7. We're Award-Winning

Eco Kids Planet won a prestigious Gold Award two years running in the 2019 & 2018 Parents’ Choice Awards. The award recognises the top children’s magazines, as voted upon by the Parents’ Choice Awards committee members, including families and educators. We're thrilled and honoured to receive this TOP prize. Plus, all of our articles are written by award-winning British authors. Your kids deserve the best!

"Eco Kids Planet is informative, appealingly written, beautifully designed and sturdy. The monthly themes are well chosen for their interest and significance, and each theme is thoughtfully explored through a variety of angles." Parents’ Choice

8. We Raise Little Scientists with Big Minds

Do you have a little scientist at home? Does your child like making slime, observing wildlife, or making an erupting volcano? Each issue takes your child on a new investigation.We encourage them to use skills such as measuring, collecting, calculating, observing, questioning and designing.Turn a weekend walk into an exciting nature investigation or spend time playing in your garden with activities that help local wildlife!

9. We're Committed to Excellent Service 

Unlike most magazine subscriptions, our flexible service lets you choose your start issue and preferred delivery date. Whether it’s a last-minute birthday gift or an early Christmas present, we go out of the way to deliver it on time. The first issue is shipped in a white envelope (so your child can’t see what’s inside) and marked “Open on xx date.”
"Thank you, Eco Kids ...We’re all loving our first monthly magazine. Fast order and delivery... Well done!”

10. We're Eco-Friendly and Plastic-Free!

The perfect plastic-free Christmas gift. When our magazine arrives in the post, it won’t be sealed in plastic. 100% of the magazine is recyclable and it’s delivered in a paper envelope. Rather than filling it with plastic toys, we give you FREE paper crafts, giant world maps and gorgeous posters. We use biodegradable vegetable ink, and print on responsibly sourced paper (FSC certified). When we make and send out our magazines, we always take great care of the environment.

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