by Emma Louise Oldham November 08, 2018

Hedgehogs usually hibernate from October or November through to March or April, so now is the time to prepare them a cosy, safe home to spend the winter. If you’re building a hedgehog home in your garden, make sure you have a hole or gap in your fence or gate to allow your hedgehog to get in. 

What you need:

  • Approx 20 bricks (preferably recycled) 
  • 1 slab (approximately 45 x 45cm) 
  • Dry leaves or hay 
  • Natural items including logs, twigs and leaves 
  • Gardening gloves

What to do:

Step 1: Find a wild, quiet area of your garden or a local field. Make sure the surface you’ve chosen is flat (some digging may be required). Design a ‘floorplan’ of your hedgehog home by positioning the bricks to make the walls. Leave a 12cm gap on one side for the entrance.

Step 2: Build up your walls by adding another layer of bricks. Collect some leaves (make sure these have dried out) or hay (available from most pet shops) for the hedgehog’s bedding material. Don’t overfill the home, though, because hedgehogs often like to bring their own bedding material, too.

Step 3: Use your remaining bricks to make an entrance tunnel to help stop cats and foxes getting in. Make sure your final layer of bricks is even and doesn’t have any large gaps.

Step 4: With help from an adult, place your garden slab on top to make the roof. Use your gloves to start collecting natural items to decorate the entrance.


Step 5: Cover your hedgehog home with chopped or leftover wood, branches and leaves. Make sure your entrance remains clear. If you have time, why not decorate a hedgehog home sign to let them know your new B&B is open!

Well done Cyril for sending in your upcycled hedgehog home! We hope you get visitors really soon. 

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