by Eco Kids Planet November 14, 2018

For November's competition, we asked you to submit your favourite British animal - ONLY using natural items that you can find outside. Your entries were terrific! Lots of you went out and collected colourful leaves, spiky pine-cones and funny-shaped sticks to create some magical masterpieces!

Congratulations to our 3 winners:

Brendan, age 8, North Yorkshire: Owl 

We love Brendan's owl! It's so impressive. Those strong, wide wings and big eyes make this owl a mighty predator! What super materials Brendan has collected. 

Ethan, age 9, Evesham: Badger, ferret and field mice

"I have made a badger head from a chunk of wood I found, a ferret in a late autumn coat out of a recycled kitchen roll tube, and we also used a teasel head and pampas grass. I also made two field mice out of teasel heads and some leaves for ears and pampas grass for a tail and I used googly eyes on the mice."

Ethan's natural creations are great. He truly has a good eye for weaving together lots of natural resources to create exciting animals! Well done. 

Sebastian, age 9, Brighton

"My name is Sebastian and I am 9. I went for a big walk and collected lots of things to make my hedgehog with. I really hope you like him. He is called Spike. I loved your article in hedgehogs and love your magazine."
Sebastian's hedgehog is terrific! Spiky - just like the real thing, and what clever use of a coconut shell for the hedgehog's hog. He looks super cosy in his leafy bed too! 

What you've won:

Each budding artist will receive a set of two great new games from Drumond Park (Word Bandit & Super Ski Jump). 


A BIG well done to our runners-up:

Seb, age 7: Grass snake

Astrid, age 9, Oxfordshire: Owl

Rory, age 9, Twickenham: Stag 

Edward, age 4, Lincoln: Reg the owl

Harriet, age 10, Macclesfield: Owl

Lily and Rosie, Aged 8 and 5, Kent, Hedgey the Hedgehog hibernating. 

Rahma, age 8, Stockport: Red squirrel

Maryam, age 8, Australia: Hedgehog 

Alfie, age 8, Shetland: Hedgehog

Mojtaba and Maryam, 4 & 3 years: Hedgehogs

Gabriella, age 8, Solihull: Mummy and baby bird in a nest

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December 30, 2018

I love Eco kids plant my favrt magseen. My favourite edition was the hedgehog one.

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