Monthly Competition: Animal Kitchen Creations

by Eco Kids Planet March 31, 2022

Animal Kitchen Creations

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Animal Kitchen Creations competition. Your delicious entries were both amusing and mouth-watering. We hope you had lots of fun creating and eating them!

Congratulations to our four lucky winners!


Dana, aged 11, Shetland

Eleanor, aged 8, Durham


Freya, aged 12, Cheshire



Phoebe, aged 11, Southampton


What you won...

The four lucky winners won the impressive top-quality, eco-friendly water bottles!



Runners up!

Keira, aged 11, Dorset

Forrest, aged 7, Buckinghamshire

More amazing entries from our readers!

Zeta, aged 6, London

Theo, Aged 8, Whittlesford


Sullivan, Aged 10, Australia


Sophie, Aged 7, York



Sophie, Aged 10, Essex



Seth, Aged 9, Argyll

Scarlett, Aged 8, Bristol

Rhia, Aged 7, Nottingham

Oriana, Aged 8, Northolt

Morgan, Aged 7, Herefordshire

Maya, Aged 9, Hertfordshire


Kristina, Aged 9, Edinburgh


Jojo, Aged 9, Burton Upon Trent

Isabelle, Aged 9, Basingstoke


Georgia-Mae, Aged 9, Birmingham


Eve, Aged 9, Cornwall


Emma, Aged 8, Wiltshire

Elma, Aged 9, Scotland

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