Monthly Competition: Super Slime Creatures

by Eco Kids Planet May 03, 2022

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Super Slime Creature competition. You created a whole new world of slime diversity, reaching well beyond planet Earth. Well done to everyone who entered the competition!

Congratulations to our four lucky winners!

Eleanor, aged 9, Bedford

Kristina, aged 9, Edinburgh

Elspeth, aged 8, Aldershot

Samuel, aged 7, Woodford Green

What you won...

The four lucky winners won the impressive binocular kit from our friends at Build Your Own.


Runners up!

Stanley,aged 8, Netherlands

Rhia, aged 7, Long Eaton

Lilia, aged 10, Barton Stacey

Jasper, aged 11, Corsham


More amazing entries from our readers!

Rosie, aged 6, Pembrokshire

Seren, aged 8, Cornwall

Sophia, aged 10, West Lothian

Theo, aged 7, North Lincolnshire

Vicky, aged 10, Suffolk

Benjamin, aged 7, Ucel, France

Caleb, aged 8, Churchdown

Clara, aged 7, Exeter

Connie, aged 9, Brilley

Eva, aged 11, Bulkington

Freyr, aged 4, Porthtowan

Georgia, aged 7, Warminster

Isabella - Aged 8 - Surrey

John, aged 8, Sheffield

Luke, aged 9, Bristol

Megan, aged 9, Preston

Owen, aged 5, Bristol

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