by Eco Kids Planet February 01, 2023

In December’s ‘Extreme Animals’ issue, we asked you to write a short story about a sheep with a special skill. Thank you to everyone who sent us their entries. We loved reading your terrific tales.

Congratulations to our winners

Natalia, age 9 and Emilia, age 7,Cheltenham 

Robert, age 8, Ripponden

Shamrock, The Very Shy Sheep

Shamrock was a sheepish sheep wanting to find his talent. The problem was that he didn’t have one. Or so he thought. Before Christmas one year, he was writing his letter to Santa when he accidentally wrote far too much! He then wondered if he could make his presents himself. He turned out to be a natural at it. 

He jogged off to school the next morning and was hired to make toys by the big man himself! Toy after toy he made, and even got the Guinness World Record for most presents made in a minute. “Now I have a talent!” he muttered under his breath. He was now officially one of Santa’s little helpers, and no, he’s not an elf. Whatever toy he constructed was inch-perfect, just right for anybody in the world around us wanting a gift at Christmas. 


Mhairi, age 8,Westhill 

The Sheep and the Pig

There once was a sheep called Fluffymcflufferson, his Mum and Dad called him Fluffster.  This sheep was special because he only had three legs. He was also an award-winning swimmer.   

Fluffster lived next door to Pig who often made fun of him for having three legs. 

One day Pig was at the river with his gang who were bullies. Pig’s gang dared him to do jumping jacks right on the riverbank, so he did, but he fell in! Pig could NOT swim. 

Luckily, at that time Fluffster was at the river.  Fluffster saw pig struggling, dived in and saved him. 

A few days later there was a knock on Fluffster’s door, it was Pig.  Fluffster hid, worried what Pig might say.  Pig said “I’m here to thank Fluffymcflufferson for saving my life.  I’ve given up my gang and stopped being mean. Will you be my friend Fluffymcflufferson?”  

Fluffster said, “Yes, of course!” 


Leo, age 8, Australia


Once upon a time there was a sheep who had an amazing jumping power. He had always wanted to go the moon. So one day he used his amazing jumping power and in ten bounces he was high enough to be in outer space. He saw the moon. He was going so fast he was there in ten seconds. The first sheep on the moon! After walking around he discovered there was no grass so he floated back down to earth. The End. 

Elizabeth, age 10, Winchester

Fernando, the Artistic Sheep

This is the story of Fernando the sheep. However, Fernando is no ordinary sheep. He is an artist. Don't believe me? Then read on..
It all began when Fernando was just a lamb. The farmer was painting in the garden. Fernando watched him and became extremely curious
Soon, the farmer went inside and Fernando squeezed through a gap in the fence. He picked up a paint-covered brush and began to paint.
Five minutes later, when the farmer came outside again, Fernando had painted a forest. Farmer Fred was astonished. He phoned the art
gallery and they immediately came to collect the painting. So Fernando painted another; then 4 more.
And it wasn't just paintings. There were collages, sculptures, mosaics ... all sorts!
Fernando's artwork is now displayed everywhere. Other artists claim to have created them but really they were made by Fernando. The artistic

Ella, age 9, 

The Dancing Sheep

Luca, age 9, London

Baronal The Rescuer

Baronal didn’t know of his unique power until the day he got stuck in a trap. It came to him that he should bite through the trap to free himself. It worked. He pondered for a second then bleated,“I must have a super power!” Little did the herd know that a hero had been born… Baronal started rescuing all kinds of animals, often braving storms or hunters. He helped foxes, badgers, aardvarks. You name it and he would help it. He helped predators, friends or foe. He helped by night and day, whatever the weather, saving animals from fires, traps or predators. When he finally married a sheep called Bay, he was already 40! He had so much helping to do, he didn’t have much time to spare. They raised a powerful generation of lambs. Bay and Baronal were so proud as one was very strong, one could turn invisible, one could fly and one could hypnotise people.


Noah, age 10, Stoke on Trent

The Chosen Sheep

Miranda seemed like an ordinary sheep. Her white coat was as fluffy as a cloud and her baa was as loud as thunder. But Miranda had a secret. She had powers enabling her to do anything. However, Miranda wasn’t always like this, but a recently something strange occurred. Miranda was visiting her friend, Kiwi the cat, when she fell into a well. The water at the bottom appeared to glow a vivid blue. Suddenly, Miranda got dragged under the water and gasping for her life she took one last breath before being fully submerged. Astonishingly, she realized she could breathe whilst she was immersed in the water. A curious creature came into view. The creature’s skin was iridescent and its eyes were lime with a thin pupil. “You have been chosen Miranda,” the voice bubbled. Then Miranda was shot up into the sky. That’s when she knew. She was special.


Soumia, age 11, Huddersfield

Coco the Amazing Sheep

There was once a sheep named Coco. But he was no ordinary sheep. Coco could transform into any animal he wants, for as long as he wants. But he had a distinguishing feature. No matter which form he is in, he has a white, fluffy sheep’s tail! One day when he was feeling like being a bat, he jumped and flew over to the nearest bat cave to have a nap. There, he bumped into another, rather tiny, bat. “Good morning,” He said. “Bit bright for a fly, isn’t it, fellow bat?” “I am not a bat,” Coco said. “I am a sheep.” “You’re not a sheep! You’re a bat!” “Check out my tail.” Coco said. “Wow! You are a sheep!!! What else can you be?” The bat asked. “Goat, duck, bird, armadillo, cat, anything.” Replied Coco, transforming as he spoke. And so Coco the sheep was many happy creatures.


Issy, age 9, Edenfield

Glow the swimmer

Once there was a sheep. A sheep who loved swimming. As a small lamb, he splashed around in the water trough. As he grew, he started swimming in the pond. Unfortunately, no one believed in him. He slept in the corner of the barn because no one liked him well that’s what he thought in fact the reason was no one wanted to snuggle his wet fleece. Glow (the sheep) didn’t know this. His mum would come and snuggle with him. He was happy even though he felt lonely. He eventually lost hope of being a swimming champion.

Weeks turned into years until he saw a poster on the field gate. A swimming Competition tomorrow! He felt hope rekindling. The next morning, he joined lined up. All his flock was there. He dived in first. Before he could blink, he was there he’d won at last and achieved his dreams. 


Elsi, age 12, Knutsford

Daisy The Amazing Sheep Guitarist

There was once a lamb, with a soft fleece, and a big heart. Her name was Daisy. She lived on a farm. One day the farmer came down to the paddock with his guitar, to play music to all the sheep. None of them were listening. Except Daisy. She sat by his side, bleating along to the chorus. The farmer exclaimed what a miracle she was! And put down his guitar to get a good look at her, but when he put his guitar down, she picked it up! And to the farmers amazement, she started playing! She played much better than the farmer, and all the sheep gathered round. The next day, the farmer took her to a big stage, loads of people would be watching, but Daisy wasn’t nervous. Everyone loved her, and the farmer made sure she got all the tastiest food! They lived happily ever after!

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