Nature Power Poem Competition

by Anya Dimelow January 16, 2023

In November's "Nature' Power" issue, we asked you to write a poem about a powerful natural event. Thank you to everyone who sent us their entries. We were blown away by your beautiful words and rhymes!


Congratulations to our winners! 

Emma, aged 10, Harrow

Careful My Calf 

The ground shakes,

The wind is strong,

The waves soar high,

Like mountains in the sea.


Be careful of the surface,

My little calf,

Be careful where you swim,

Do not dare to swim up.


Up to where the waves crash,

Up to where you hear the wind dash.

We have to swim up,

Just once or twice for air,

But trust me, my darling,

It’s not safe up there.


Try to stay under,

Protected by the sea,

Otherwise, you’ll get pushed by the waves,

Like that lovely tree.


Hurricanes are more dangerous

On land than in the sea,

But it’s still important, baby,

That you stay close to me.


Seren,  aged 10, Newguay


Chloe, aged 10, Sheffield

Holy, aged 10, Maidenhead


The Forest is silent, nothing makes a sound,

Then in a flash, lightening hits the ground!

A shower of sparks is sent flying,

Animals are running with the fear of dying.


The sparks get caught on a bush, setting it aflame,

And just then the wind came,

Swirling, whirling through the fire,

The flames reaching their ultimate desire.


For now they’ve become a roaring inferno

The animals all hide and stay low

Very slowly, the fire begins to stop,

The ashes all silently drop,

Floating down all around,

Hitting the ground without a sound.



Maahi, age 11, Northwood

Hannah, age 5, Perranporth

Volcano Erupting

I see smoke coming out of the top of the volcano.

The landscape is dying 

As the ripples of the rock come falling down. 

Lava, red and orange, like blood. 

It looks like orange juice, 

Flowing down the volcano in layers, 

One on top of another. 

I hear explosions: "Pow!" "Boom!"

It sounds like thunder. 

I feel the shaking of trees about to die.

I smell smoke and dust, the clouds of ash. 

I wonder what will happen to the volcano after it’s erupted.

Will it kill it, or will it make it even better? 

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