by Anya Dimelow October 02, 2023

In our ‘Nature’s Music’ summer issue, we asked you to write a song or short story about a music-loving dolphin. Thank you to everyone who sent us their entries. We loved reading your stories, poems and songs.

Congratulations to our four winners!

Lotta, age 8, Cowfold

Daisy the Dolphin

Daisy the Dolphin loved to sing. She sang in the coral. She sang in seaweed. She sang in the reefs. She even sang when she was jumping high in the air.

All the fish loved to hear Daisy sing in her sweet high voice. Everyone loved her music except Blue Whale who was very jealous of her beautiful voice.

One night, when everyone was asleep and the ocean was dark, Blue Whale swam over quietly and stole Daisy’s beautiful voice. In the morning, when Daisy woke up, she tried to sing GOOD MORNING to all of her friends, but – Oh no! – her voice was gone.

Quickly, she swam over to William the clever clam and cried, “Please, help me find my voice!”

Annoyed and angry, William answered, “It’s in my mouth. That mighty blue whale stole it and asked me to look after it.”

With that, he coughed it out violently!

“Thank you so much! Shall I sing you a song?”

And with that, Daisy the dolphin swam away smiling and singing.

Amelia, age 7, Livingston

Singing Dolphin

Phoebe, age 9, Solihull

Dougie the Dolphin 


Millie Drury, age 10, Abbots Langley




Isy, age 9, Glossop

There is a young dolphin
Who always plays the tuba,
His friends dance around him,
They like to do the scuba.

There is a crazy dolphin
Who loved to play the flute,
But then one day,
Her Dad said she must mute!

There is a brave dolphin,
Who plays a guitar,
Every night he dreams of,
Becoming a famous rockstar.

There is a kind dolphin,
Who bangs on the drums,
She sometimes puts on loud shows,
For all her little chums.

These four dolphins,
In a band together,
They will all be,
Best friends forever.

Seren, age 11, Powys

Mischa, age 10, St Clears

Hayden, age 4, and Ollie, age 10, Portsmouth

Skye, age 8, Exeter

 Sophie, age 9, York

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