Monthly Competition: Natures Rhyming Riddle

by Eco Kids Planet January 07, 2022

Natures Rhyming Riddle

Thank you to all the budding poets who entered our Nature Riddle competition. We have lots of fun solving your enigmatic rhymes. Some were easy to guess, while others were, indeed, like nature’s greatest mysteries!

Congratulations to our five lucky winners!

Emilia, age 7, Dundee


Jean, age 10, Castle Douglas

Lauren, age 10, Sheffield


Phoebe, age 8, Gainford


Soumia, age 10, Sheffield


What you won...

The five lucky winners won a super-fun riddle collection with over 300 brainteasing riddles creatively designed to not only get children laughing and exploring their goofy side, but also to promote functional problem solving. Playing and learning can go together!



More amazing entries from our readers!

Amy, age 10, Sheffield

Bowen,age 10, Southampton

Elizabeth,age 9, Winchester

Felix, age 6, Chesterfield

Francesca, age 10, Devon

Grace, age 9, Derbyshire

Iris, age 9, York

Isla, age 9, Corsham

Ismaeel, age 10, Leicester

Isobel, age 7, London

Jack, age 6, Bristol

Jessica, age 11, Kent

Joni, age 7, Suffolk

Julia, age 10, Oxford

Mehali & Praneet Karania, Hounslow

Mustafa, age 7, Sheffield

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