by Eco Kids Planet January 15, 2019

For our Pacific Ocean Issue, we asked you to research and send us a picture or drawing of your favourite Pacific creature, along with a few fantastic facts about it. Wow! You've flooded us with the most fascinating and beautiful creatures, making the job of choosing 5 winners ever so hard! Thank you to everyone who entered! 

Congratulations to the following winners:

Nina, age 7, Stroud - Killer Whale

James, age 10, and Dara, age 6, Downpatrick  - Giant Squid

Noah Jones, age 6, Felixstowe - Hawksbill Turtle

"Noah’s favourite Pacific Ocean creature is the hawksbill turtle because he loves turtles! He thinks they are beautiful and likes that they have a shell to help protect them. He made a handprint turtle for his picture.”

 Valentina, age 9, Biggar - Sea Otters

"Dear Eco Kids, I have really enjoyed doing this month’s competition about animals in the Pacific Ocean. I found out a lot about the sea otters that live there. They aresoooo cute!!!!!”

Isabelle, age 8, Cupar, Scotland Flower Hat - Jellyfish

What they have won: 

Congratulations to our five lucky winners who'll receive these fabulous activity books from Usborne! 

Look and Find Under the Sea (RRP £9.99)

Dive under the sea in this playful puzzle book, teeming with underwater scenes to pore over and talk about. Find a message in a bottle, a fish wearing an eyepatch, a seahorse wearing a scarf and lots more. Each page is packed with spotting, matching and counting opportunities, and the answers are at the back of the book if you get stuck.

Under the Sea Sticker and Colouring Book (RRP £7.99)

A bumper activity book filled with underwater scenes to colour and decorate with stickers, including a coral reef, a shipwreck and icy waters. With over 130 stickers of whales, penguins, jellyfish, sea lions and more, this is a delightful introduction to oceans and sealife.

For more information and stockists, visit 


There were just too many amazing entries to ignore, so here we shine the light on some more of our favourites. Well done everyone! 

Ivy, age 6, Norwich - Pacific White-sided Dolphin 

Ralph, age 9, Wiltshire - Sea Otter

Lauren, age 7, Leighton Buzzard - Clown Fish 

Alexander, age 9, Isreal - Giant Squid and Sperm Whale

Noah, age 7, The Vale of Glamorgan - Sea Slug

Jack, age 6, Devon - Sea Turtle

 Keziah, age 8, Cornwall - Blue Whale

"I've drawn a picture of a blue whale because they are big and amazing and very heavy too. I think they are very beautiful. Once I saw a killer whale off the coast of Cornwall and I would love to see a blue whale one day."

Isabel, age 6, Salem, USA - Jellyfish

Julian, age 9, Salem, USA - Spotted Eagle Ray

Chloe, age 8, Spain - Pygmy Seahorse 

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Karen le grange
Karen le grange

January 16, 2019

We are from south Africa. Can my son enter?

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