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Accolades for Eco Kids Planet magazine

Parents’ Choice Awards, Spring 2016 Magazines, Silver Honour Award

Eco Kids Planet feels less like a magazine and more like a series of activity books. Each issue of the advertising-free publication focuses on a different biome: sample issues included the African Savannah, the African Congo Rainforest, the Eastern Himalayas, and India. The heavy-duty pages (made from environmentally-friendly paper and inks) are meant to be read, saved, and re-read. The magazine focuses on both the animals and the land they inhabit. Many articles are styled as interviews or clips from notebooks, making them easy to read at a glance and not so overwhelming for elementary school readers. Each issue features craft projects, puzzles, and science activities. 

Mellow Mummy

Eco Kids planet is a new monthly magazine for children but with a bit of a difference – targeted at children aged around 7 to 12 years old, Eco Kids Planet is a factual magazine packed full of science and nature facts, activities and games. I think it's an excellent magazine which has the balance between education and fun for this age group just about right.

Diary of a First Child

I love finding good stuff. I think it’s the feeling ‘normal’ women get when they find a killer pair of shoes or a designer dress at a bargain price – a bit of a rush, excitement and sheer joy. That’s how I feel when I find something that I think is just straight up GOOD. And that’s how I feel about the Eco Kids Planet magazine.

4 Kids and a Chicken

When I received a bundle of magazines in the post, I was immediately impressed by the amazing vibrant photographs on the cover of every edition, as well as the high quality feel and look of the publication. It turned out that was only the start of the Eco Kids journey!