Monthly Competition: Protect the Penguins Poster

by Eco Kids Planet 03 December, 2018

Monthly Competition: Protect the Penguins Poster

We hope you enjoyed learning about all the penguins in Issue 50. Who knew there were so many different species? Some of them, such as Galápagos and African penguins, are already endangered. Others, such as emperor and Adélie penguins, are on the verge of becoming endangered.

What to do:

For this month’s competition, we’d like you to create a ‘Protect the Penguins’ poster, highlighting the dangers that penguins are facing. You can choose to focus on your favourite type of penguin or a geographic region. 

What you can win:

FIVE budding artists will win this exciting penguin game from Ravensburger. 

Penguin Pile-Up (RRP £19.99).

With lots of little penguins and a shaky iceberg, you'll need nimble fingers to bring these cute little fellows to safety. Pick up a penguin and carefully place it on the iceberg… Will it stand firm, wobble or tumble down? The first player to put all of their penguins on the iceberg is the winner. This game is suitable for 2-4 players. Fun for all ages! For more information and stockists, visit

How to enter:

💌 Send a letter to:
Eco Kids Planet, 41 Claremont Road, Barnet, EN4 0HR

💻 or email us on:

📅 Deadline: 10th January, 2018.

Please make sure to include your full name, age and address, so we know how to reach you. We can't wait to see your posters!

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