by Eco Kids Planet December 03, 2018

In our ‘Penguins of the World’ issue, we asked you to design a ‘Protect the Penguins’ poster. What a fantastic job everyone did, including an entire class at St Paul’s Primary School in Chippenham! Thank you everyone who entered the competition.

Congratulations to our chosen winners

Arran and Thomas, age 7, St. Pauls Primary School, Chippenham

Chloe, age 8, Spain

Toby Capps, age 11, Exeter

Dexter and Lily, age 7, and Nadia, age 8, St Paul’s Primary School, Chippenham

Ben, age 11, London


What you've won:

We hope you all enjoy this exciting penguin game from Ravensburger!

Penguin Pile-Up (RRP £19.99).

Honorary mentions:

We had so many wonderful entries, we've just had to share a few more of our favourites! Great job everyone! We hope these posters are up in your local schools, community centres and shops!

Amelie, age 11, Somerset

Holly, age 9, Brighton 

Dougie, aged 8, Belper

Celeste, age 8, France

Olesya, age 9, Colchester

 Daniel, Dartford

Alistair, age 8, Derby

Harriet, age 10, Macclesfield

Anna, age 7, Coventry

Noah, age 6, Suffolk

Isla, age 7, Sussex

Elsa, age 7, West Yorkshire

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