'My Spooky Monster' Competition Winners

by Anya Dimelow 11 November, 2016

Congratulations to our winners!

Published in the Spooky Science edition (October, 2016) of Eco Kids Planet magazine.

In no particular order, below are our favourite monstrous creations!

Ella, Switzerland
Hello, I live in Switzerland, it gets very cold in the mountains. In winter, we can go skiing! It is superfun! I live in Buchillon, with my family. I have a sister, we live next to the lake. How many family members do you have? xxx Ella


Skye, age 7 
My Monster

Sophie, age 8, Prenton

It has eyes that can petrify prey... Parasites like the zombie snail has... Bat wings to help it fly from predators... And the most poisonous venom ever! Even more venomous than the Brazilian wandering spider!

Dan, age 8, Salisbury.
I like monsters, Halloween and Eco Kids!

Leilah, age 9, Bracknell

Ellie, age 9, East Ayrshire
The Charmander

Anya Dimelow
Anya Dimelow


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